Pilot Mountain Engine 12:

Quick Stats: 1996 Freightliner / Superior Pumper, 1000 gallon capacity.  

This truck was bought new for our fire hall in 1996 and it has responded to many calls over the years.  The pumper carries 1000 gallons of water as well as two foam tanks. It also carries a vast array of equipment including 3 different sizes of hoses and attachments, 3 kinds of ladders, axes and hooligan tools, a piercing lance for hay bales and wood piles, a generator. saws, fans, first responder medical equipment, and traffic control equipment. The pump itself is located behind the cab and uses as much energy as the truck does when it is driving at 100km/h, therefore it’s either one or the other. The truck either moves, or pumps, it can’t do both at the same time. It can transport three firefighters.



Pilot Mountain Tender 11:

Quick Stats: 1999 Kenworth

This tender is generally the second vehicle to be dispatched for a fire. Its tank has the largest water hauling capacity of all our vehicles and carries a water bladder. This tender also carries traffic control apparatus. It can transport two firefighters to and from a scene.


Pilot Mountain Tender 12:

Quick Stats: 1994 Freightliner Hamm Water Tanker mounted on an International Chassis. 1600 gallon capacity

Nicknamed “Stubby”, this is our second tanker and it is significantly shorter than our engines and other tender, but Stubby still carries 1600 gallons of water and transports a large water bladder.  This tanker carries a low volume high pressure pump which allows it to pump water on its own so it can take care of a small fire by itself. This capability lets the fire department deal with more than one emergency at a time, and can be sent to other districts on mutual aid without depriving our coverage area. This vehicle can transport three firefighters to and from a scene.


Pilot Mountain Squad 11:

Quick Stats: 1999 Ford F550 Light Attack Vehicle

Squad 11 is our emergency response vehicle for medical and wildland fire calls.   It is usually the second vehicle, after Engine 11, to be dispatched to an MVI call. It holds a wide range of first responder equipment as well as our wildland fire fighting gear. This emergency response vehicle can transport five firefighters, and priority seating is given to first responders for medical calls.

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