PGX 2012

Congratulations to Pilot Mountain Team A and B, who did a great job at the 100th Annual PGX Firefighter Games, held August 11th and 12th, 2012. Thanks to all the fire hall’s that came this year – it was a blast!

Bill Wilkins, Jason Lainey, Murray Kerman, Mike Fillion - Kevin Mitchell missing from photo but also on Team B

Kevin Mitchell, Ryan Penner (Moral Support), Mike Fillion, TJ Winsdale, Murray Kerman, Jason Lainey, Bill Wilkins, Tyson Russell, Dinah Lainey, Jessica Donovan

Combat Challenge:
1st – Jason Lainey
2nd – Mike Fillion
3rd – Keven Mitchell

Make & Break:
1st – Pilot Mountain Team B
2nd – Fort St. John
3rd – Charlie Lake

Andrew Hubbell, Tysen Russell, Jessica Donovan, TJ Winsdale, Dan Floria

Bucket Brigade:
1st – Pilot Mountain Team B
2nd – Beaverly
3rd – Pilot Mountain Team A

1st – Pilot Mountain Team B
2nd – Pilot Mountain Team A
3rd – Pineview

For more pictures check out the photos section of the website.