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The Pilot Mountain Volunteer Fire Department serves the Pilot Mountain community by training for and responding to emergency calls for firefighting, medical aid, and highway rescues. We provide public safety information and maintain firefighting and rescue vehicles, and equipment. The volunteers that serve at this hall are regular people that are committed to contributing to the safety of their community by giving their time to train for and respond to emergencies. We work with the other volunteer fire halls that serve regional districts outside of Prince George city limits as well as with the RCMP, the BC Ambulance Service, and the FOCC (Fire Operations Communications Centre).

The Pilot Mountain Volunteer Fire Department responded to its first call in 1996. The hall also serves as a recreational facility for community events which is run by the Recreation Commission. We have two engines, one tender, and one squad vehicle. Regular training for volunteers takes place on Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 9:30pm.